Maintaining Correct Posture

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Maintaining correct posture while walking and standing is a very important key to preventing injury. Many people, however, look down while walking or standing, and in the process, bend their necks downward. Most of them don’t realize that this sets the stage for postural imbalance, putting strain not only on their necks but on their entire spinal column and their knees as well. Looking down in this manner also affects their gait, increasing their chances of tripping and falling.

When you’re out for a walk, pay attention to your posture. Imagine yourself being pulled along with a string attached to the center of your chest. Look at the ground with your eyes without bending your neck. This small correction will balance your entire body, and you’ll be less likely to fall or stress the muscles and ligaments in your spine and knees.

Photo credit: Rodolfo Quiros on Pexel